As well as repairs and restoration to contemporary and antique furniture,  we provide you with a truly unique service with our cabinet making expertise.

For example we can:

Increase the number of chairs for a dining room by building identical additions to the set.

Build high quality reproductions in custom sizes.

Create any item of furniture to your specifications.



We know how important your furniture is to you and understand how years of use can take its toll on traditional or contemporary pieces, that’s why our expert team are dedicated to restoring furniture both old and new. As highly experienced specialists, you can be sure we take every care in carrying out meticulous repairs to restore the pieces to their full & former glory.

The restoration and repair of furniture might seem like a service only reserved for antiques but this is far from being true, we understand that new and designer furniture can often be as valuable as antiques and just as susceptible to damage.



From modern to traditional upholstery, Richomme provides a complete restoration service ranging from repairs to existing fabrics to complete re-upholstery.

Upholstery is intended to provide comfortable, stylish seating, but over time and with regular use, structural or pressure damage may have occurred.

Despite the importance of upholstered furnitures outward appearance, the major elements are largely unseen yet these determine the form, stability and comfort. Each piece can be stripped down to the frame to inspect and rectify damage, this includes strengthening joints, repairing frames, replacing fillings and re-springing.